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June 2020: 3 Blues Turnarounds

Continuing a series of free lessons aimed at beginners and lower intermediate players.

This month's lesson requires 2 previous lessons:

Turnarounds occur at the end of the 12-Bar Blues form; they are either one or 2 bars long. They end on the V chord. This gives them an unresolved feeling; V always wants to resolve to I. The turnaround functions to lead the music back to the top of the form to start over for the next verse.

There are a multitude of turnarounds; I give 3 of the most common here:

Unique Chord Voicings

The launch of Unique Chord Voicings last month was a success! I was happy even though the numbers were down about 15%; it was the most expensive product to date, coming at the worst economic time in recent history. Not exactly the best combination, but it still did well!

My thanks and gratitude to all those who purchased. Whenever these launches go well it shows a real interest in what I'm doing and encourages me to keep going!

Who knows? Maybe I'll relaunch Unique Chord Voicings in the future when times are better and those of you who couldn’t purchase because of circumstances can have another opportunity to buy at the ridiculously low launch price.

I have not yet had time to put up the Unique Chord Voicings sales page on the website. I'll get to it as soon as I can. The PDF download will retail for $149. With the Site Member Discount it will be $74 (launch price was $59).

Blogs Published Since Last Newsletter

BTW: I put a blog feed on the index page of the website that shows the 3 latest blogs. So you no longer have to go to the blog menu to find the latest blog; it shows up on the main page. Nifty!

Also, I'm omitting all blogs from this list having to do with the Unique Chord Voicings launch last month.

So...I ran into an issue with FaceBook when trying to promote Porn & Bob Dylan. They refused to run the ad. So...I used the rejection to promote the blog! If you're interested in what the issue was, or rather I should say, "the non-issue," check it out on Master Guitar School's FaceBook page.


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