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Newsletter: Oct. 2019

Free Lesson!

Unique Chord Voicings - Lesson 28: Dominant 9, sharp 9 and flat 9 close-voiced chords on a 5th-string root. Then add the 1st-string open to create Unique Voicings.

  • 75 fretboard diagrams!

  • 10-minute video with embedded fretboard diagrams!

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What's going on?

I'm preparing for my "golden years." I'm not "golden" yet but getting close!

This doesn't affect the vast majority of my Site Members but I want to talk about it anyway!

Master Guitar School is undergoing renovation - the physical location of my teaching studio that is, not the website. The website ( is functioning as always.

Right now I'm teaching personal students in 2 locations in the Kansas City area. I'm running about 50 students a week.

My Home Studio is being prepared now and within 3 or 4 years it will be my only location for teaching personal students.

After my Social Security checks start coming in I plan to let my personal load attrition down to 4 hours a day, 4 days a week (that's 32 students). I will continue to play gigs as long as my phone keeps ringing and I am physically capable.

Most of my time and energy will be devoted to creating content and growing the website,

Updates on the progress of the renovation are on Master Guitar School's FaceBook page and also on my Instagram.

P.S. There has been an uptick in organic sales from the website recently - that's awesome! Thanks to those who purchased! Don't hesitate to contact me if you have questions. Remember, Site Members have an all-the-time discount; 50% in most cases. The Members-Only Discount page is here - you must be a site member and logged in to view.


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