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Concepts for Comping - Lesson 5

Free Lesson: Concepts for Comping - Lesson 5 plus Blog Links, Tune of the Month and More!

The chords in this lesson series (Concepts for Comping) come from Unit 6: 7th Voicing. So what we're doing here is an application of some of the material in those lessons, taken in a direction not pursued in Unit 6.

Unit 6 was all about chord melody playing. This lesson series is using the same concept for chord construction as an accompanying device; it does not include melodies. However, the melody will have to be taken into account in the more advanced stages of this series.

As such, these chords are especially useful if you want to accompany yourself as a singer, or provide accompaniment for a singer or a soloist.

So...continuing our diatonic chord progressions. “Diatonic” means that all the chords are taken from the Scale Tone 7ths we drilled in Lesson 2. The progression will be I-VI-II-V-I.

This lesson includes text, 12 fretboard diagrams and a video.

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April Newsletter: Comping Concepts: Free Lessons, Blog Links, Tune of the Month and More!


Tune of the Month

From my Channeling Harold CD. Featuring Hammond B3 organist Rich VanSant with whom I worked for decades. I talk about Rich in my blog: JAM! Rich is retired and no longer active as a performing musician.

The drummer on this track is Kevin "Swingin'" Johnson, who I still work with on a regular basis.


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