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Concepts for Comping: Lesson 6

We're continuing the free lesson series, "Concepts for Comping." This lesson has two progressions to drill:


and a similar, related one,


There are 22 fretboard diagrams and 2 videos.

As with most of the free lessons given away with this newsletter, this lesson is part of a SERIES. Each lesson is connected to the ones that come before and presuppose them. If you've missed any of the previous lessons in this series, you can find them on the FREE LESSONS page of Just scroll down to the "Concepts for Comping" section for the links.

These free lessons are in the MEMBERS ONLY area. You must be a site member and logged in to view them.

(Must be a site member and logged in to view)


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How I Sabotage My Music Career - And Why: I republish this every year on my anniversary; it helps keep things in perspective.

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Concepts for Comping - Lesson 5: Free Lesson: Concepts for Comping - Lesson 5, plus Blog Links, Tune of the Month and More!


Tune of the Month

Ok...this song is an anomaly. For one thing it's the only recorded example of me playing bottleneck slide anywhere. I'm not a bottleneck slide player, which should be obvious - intonation is an issue on this cut. I have great respect for good slide players, but I am not one of them. My feelings about bottleneck slide I've written about here - Slip Sliding Away.

Another thing about this track is the main theme, which can be heard most easily in the acoustic guitar intro, I wrote when I was about 16. Yes, it's in drop-D. It's very Irish-sounding and I originally had written a verse of lyrics that was very Irish. In spite of trying many times over the years I have not been able to complete them.


How About 5 FREE Lessons?

The 5-Lesson Foundational Series teaches the Circle of Keys as an organizational mechanism by which you ensure that whatever you learn is drilled in every key in all possible positions. It also gives you a method to find any note, anywhere, without memorizing note names on every string. That is a beautiful thing!

Almost every lesson I teach presupposes it.

You can download the 5-Lesson Foundational Series right here for free (a $39 value) with no further obligation or commitment.


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