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Cowboy Chords, Blog Links, More!

Updated: Mar 9, 2023

In this 5th FREE lesson on Cowboy Chords we're going to put the chords we've learned so far into a couple of combinations/progressions. These should sound familiar to you; they are the main sections of some big hits - 80's power ballads as well as many songs from all genres.

This lesson has 12 fretboard diagrams and a video that's a little over 6 minutes long.

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Blog Published Since Last Newsletter

Competitive Assholery: “This assholery thing runs throughout my growth as a player.”

Future of Music: Interview with Ted Gioia: To try and describe all the dimensions and history of this guy is futile.

Free Lesson, Blog Links & More!: December Newsletter: FREE lesson on Cowboy C, Blog Links and Tune-of-the-Month!


Tune of the Month

Thirty Seven Thirty is one of my tunes that was recorded in 1983. It's never been released commercially. 3730 was the house number of the first house in which my wife and I lived together (1978-9). The band was a working jazz trio I was with at the time. The 3 of us were also the rhythm section in a 5-piece cover band that was working 4-6 nights a week in dance clubs. It was a convenient situation; we all played in the same band so we could book jazz gigs on our off nights and never have a scheduling conflict. The bass player is Gary Helm and the drummer is John Hobbes. Recorded May/June 1983 at Laundri-Land Studio in Kansas City.



P.S. Unit 2: The Blues will be launched soon! These are the lessons I gave away back in the 2020 Newsletters. All those lessons put together in a single PDF download! Here's how the PDF looks:


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