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December 29, 2019: Blog: Skyping Guitar Lessons


December 22, 2019: Blog: Rut Busters! Pentatonic Purgatory (#1)


December 16, 2019: Blog: Burns Baby Bison


December 10, 2019: December Newsletter: Unique Voicings Lesson 30, blog links and more!


December 2, 2019: Blog: Goodnight Irene


November 24, 2019: Blog: Rut Busters!


November 17, 2019: Blog: The Mob Got Our Gear Back!


November 12, 2019: November Newsletter: FREE lesson, blog links and more!


November 4, 2019: Blog: Tube or Solid State?

October 27, 2019: Blog: Nightmare Gig!

October 21, 2019: Blog: Shakti: My India Connection


October 13, 2019: Blog: PRS McCarty Hollowbody II: My God-Given Guitar


October 8, 2019: October Newsletter: Free lesson, blog links and more!


September 29, 2019: Blog: The Best of All Possible Tunings is...


September 23, 2019: Blog: Free lesson! Quick and Dirty 7th Chords


September 15, 2019: Blog: Conceptual Learning


September 10, 2019: Blog: September Newsletter: Free lesson, blog links and more!


September 1, 2019: Blog: You're Not Worse, Your Ear is Better!


August 26: Blog: Guitar Players are a Dime-A-Dozen


August 17, 2019: Blog: Martin MC-28


August 13, 2019: August Newsletter: Free lesson, blog links and more!


August 4, 2019: Blog: Sound, Not Space!


July 29, 2019: Blog: Are You the 1%?


July 17, 2019: Blog: 4 Disadvantages of Self-Teaching


July 14, 2019: Blog: Arguing Over Fretboard Diagrams


July 9, 2019: July Newsletter: Free lesson, blog links and more!


July 1, 29119: Blog: A Fraction of a Second...


June 23, 2019: Blog: KC Music Talk Interviews Jay EuDaly.


June 16, 2019: Blog: Easy Money. NOT!


June 11, 2019: June Newsletter: Free lesson, blog links and more!


June 9, 2019: A blog from my Face Book feed on the trip to India.


May 25, 2019: Thanks so much to all of you who've purchased! The success of these launches enables the continuation of the process of rewriting and converting my guitar method, Vertical Truth: Chordal Mechanisms for the Guitar into a digital, downloadable format. Believe me when I say it's a major undertaking!


May 21, 2019: Launch for Unit 5:7th Inversions is underway! Ridiculously low prices good through Friday, May 24. Available to Site Members ONLY! Not a Site Member? Sign Up now and get the next launch email with the download links!


May 5, 2019: Launch Blog for Unit 5: 7th Inversions.

April 29, 2019: Blog: The 5th-Finger Principle.


April 22, 2019: Blog: Charvel/Jackson Model 4 with Floyd Rose Locking Tremelo.


April 15, 2019: Blog: How I Play Songs I Don't Know


April 9, 2019: April Newsletter: Free lesson: Unique Voicings, Lesson 23 / Blog links / New Product announcement / Going to India


March 29, 2019: Blog: I Can Do Anything With Anything.


March 25, 2019: Blog: Anatomically-Based Scale Fingerings.


March 18, 2019: Blog: Tribute to Ed Bickert.


March 13, 2019: March Newsletter: Unique Voicings, Lesson 22 / Blog links / More!


March 3, 2019: Blog: What's Wrong With My Hand? Vise-Grip


February 24, 2019: Blog: Where to Begin?


February 17,2019: Blog: Is There "Innate" Talent?


February 12, 2019: February Newsletter: Unique Voicings, Lesson 21 / New Product Announcement - promo video / Blog Links / Info on Master Guitar School YouTube Channel / More!


February 10, 2019: Blog: Slip Sliding Away


February 4, 2019: Blog: How Quickly They Turn


January 27, 2019: Blog: Instrument Review: Martin GPCPA 3


January 21,2019: Blog: Perils of Perfect Pitch


January 14, 2019: Blog: The Key Circle, Giant Steps and Physics

January 8, 2019: January Newsletter: Unique Voicings, Lesson 20 / Blog Links

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